precept.concept.percept VIII.





July 24 — 28, 2023 

[daily from 3-5 pm CEST], [Online] via Zoom





stage 1:

- 5-day online composition program

- presentations by participant composers

- Q&A


stage 2:

- rehearsals with .abeceda [new music ensemble]

- performances at .abeceda Contemporary Music Festival, and/or professional recordings 




- open to composers at all stages of academic and artistic development

- instrumentation: violin (2), viola, cello, alto saxophone, flute, accordion, guitar, harp, piano; ensemble (various formations) or solo 

- participation fee: 500€ [students: 250€]

- application fee: free

- apply before: June 30, 2023, via; attach score or recording and CV




Members of .abeceda [new music ensemble] will be available for reading sessions with composers to optimize performance models and notation. 

For specific questions on the instrumentation options, please send an e-mail. 


Selected compositions will be performed at a closing concert of the .abeceda Contemporary Music Festival in June 2024, in Bled, Slovenia. The remaining works will be performed or recorded in the fall/winter of 2023..


To apply, please send the composition [score and/or recording/video] and CV to with the subject line ‘precept.concept.percept application’. 

Contact person for any additional information: Pia Reš




Selection of performed works and thoughts from past editions: 



James Pecore — Knit Inside Me



Alastair White — Anti-music




“Throughout the rehearsal process of my music with ensemble .abeceda, I was thoroughly pleased. All of the musicians, engineers, and coordinators acted very professionally, producing a high quality work with the utmost level of respect for the musical material. I look forward to working with ensemble .abeceda and other such ensembles in the future as a composer.”  

— James Pecore . NYC, USA 


“If you're looking for somewhere to find [more] composer friends, expand your network boundaries, especially outside of the US, or somewhere to present/challenge your composition work followed by your piece getting performed, this is a great option!”

— Ramin Roshandel . Iowa, USA


“It's an amazing music workshop. It not only makes me see the diversity of world music, but also builds a platform for everyone to communicate. Hope to have the opportunity to participate again!”

— Wen Zyang. Beijing, China  

Upcoming edition:

24 — 28 July, 2023

Artistic director:
Dré A. Hočevar

Pia Reš


Zavod za kulturo Bled

Stichting .alfabet [Amsterdam, NL]

This project is supported by the Slovenian Ministry of Culture